Training with TMT has its benefits. As a TMT athlete, you will receive discounted purchases on the following products.

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Wahoo Fitness



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Infinit Nutrition – 10% Discount

The Sufferfest – 10% Discount


Nineteen Wetsuits – 10% Discount


CompuTrainer – Discounted Purchases

CompuTrainer provides the most interesting indoor bike experience yet created. It increases your cycling power by 20 to 30% and your speed by 2 to 4 MPH. Whatever your starting point, you’ll improve significantly.



Multisport Canada Triathlon Series

Committed to presenting you with a top quality race every time.

Swim Smooth

meet mr smooth: swim smooth's ideal freestyle stroke animationAn innovative swimming coaching company devoted to all levels of swimmers and triathletes. Whether you’re a beginner who’d like to learn freestyle, an intermediate triathlete who wants to develop their stroke technique or an advanced swimmer looking to excel further.