2014 Canadian Nationals – 100 IM Medley – Men 30-34

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May 192014

Video of my first 100IM at the Windsor Canadian Championships. I am in Lane 2 (top of video) in a battle to the photo finish with my teammate Jamie in the lane right beside mine.

2014 TMT Training Camp

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Apr 302014

Details can be found here: https://transitionmyself.com/2014-london

Lifestyle Choices

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Feb 202014

Listed are some of my most recommended day to day tips to help one stay healthy and on track with their training. By forming good habits in your daily life (lifestyle), you will greatly improve a healthy balance to counteract the increased stresses on your body from rigorous training. Drink water frequently. Typically guys should CONTINUE READING

Age Group Ironman (Song)

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Jan 062014

A parody of the Age Group Ironman lifestyle performed by Coach Pickering. Enjoy!