Feb 202014

Listed are some of my most recommended day to day tips to help one stay healthy and on track with their training. By forming good habits in your daily life (lifestyle), you will greatly improve a healthy balance to counteract the increased stresses on your body from rigorous training.

  • Drink water frequently. Typically guys should be drinking approx 3L / day and women approx 2L / day. Water is found in many different foods and beverages. Ideally you will get most of this in its most natural form…..simply as water. Of course some exceptions are ok: Milk/chocolate milk post workout, coffee in the morning (obviously!)….try to keep it sugar free..

  • Make desserts good for you. Eat fruits, they contains many antioxidants, fibre etc and they will help you fight off colds, allowing you to train uninterrupted.

  • Eat veggies with each meal or a raw and colourful salad daily, They also make a great snack between meals too.

  • Eat lean meat, chicken, pork, fish, lean beef. The more naturally grown the better. This will help ensure you get adequate amounts of protein (approx 1g / lean lb of body mass / day) Red meat is especially good if you are iron deficient.

  • Communicate with your coach! Consistent communication is the best way to have a positive coaching experience and season. I am here to help you succeed!

  • Keep your training logs up to date. Feedback from your workout will be fresh in your mind after your workout is complete…once you go 2-3 days and have completed several workouts, it becomes difficult distinguishing one from another.

  • Record your metrics. Keeping track of your weight, fatigue and overall sense of health is important towards your training volume and intensity. Aim to fill in your metrics in Training Peaks at least 1-2 times per week.

  • Rest up. sleep 8+ hours per night. Sleep is how your body recovers and rebuilds itself using growth hormones. Think of a circle drawn as a ying yang. One half is working out and the other half is recovery. We all know about the importance of working out in order to improve. By not resting or recovering adequately between workouts, you are limiting yourself in what you can achieve. Probability of plateau or burnout is increased.

We are all human and it is normal to veer off course from time to time. The most successful athletes are those who learn from their experiences, regroup and keep moving forwards consistently. If you find yourself having difficulty then contact me and we will work on overcoming the obstacles together.