Nov 152013

ironman arizona eventpagelogo 200x70 copyIronman Arizona is only 2 days away. At last, a chance to put all the hard work, preparations and sacrifices to the test….it all comes down to 1 day…no pressure!?!

Heading into this race, I feel mentally very positive and physically ready to succeed. As I do my best to keep composed, maintain my goals, target times and stay relaxed while race day approaches, I have come to a realization that I thought I would share. While my ultimate goal is to cross the finish line in a certain amount of time and place in my age group, in the grand scheme of things, it is just a very small part of the journey….the final fitting stone.

The act of getting to the starting line in top shape, prepared, confident, excited, healthy and motivated have been the most difficult part of the task. This year, I have challenged myself with qualifying for the IM World Championships. In order to accomplish such a goal, I need to be in the best shape I have ever been in.

IM athletes tend to be a little on the nutty side, and an extra bit of crazy is exactly what is needed when wanting to finish amongst the top 1-2% of a very competitive field in an ever growing sport. Finalizing my training program with a TWT (Ten with Tony) training camp with Tony Frost and Chris Caswell, may just have been that extra little bit of crazy I was needing. A tremendous amount of hard work that I didn’t know was possible (for me) leading into the event has left me feeling stronger and more fit than in any previous occasion.

My preparations this year have required a lot of time, effort, fatigue and discomfort. I have been very consistent throughout this journey and have worked so much harder than I have for literally anything else in the past. While I realize this is “just a race” and it is not the “be all end all” of life, it is a challenge that I have placed upon myself. And with so much effort, it takes on great significance. After all, achievements only have meaning when taken into context…what may be an incredible feat for one, may come easily to another.

Come race day, when those difficult moments arise and I need a lift, I will be thinking of everyone who has helped me prepare and has supported me throughout this journey. I am very grateful and would like to thank my family whom I have been fortunate to spend more time with this year in BC, Buenos Aires, and in Ontario. I would also like to thank my friends, training partners and coaches who have also provided, support, connections, advise, and training camps throughout the past season.

Whether or not things turn out the way I hope, is a roll of the dice. What I do know, is that day to day I remain positive and ready to go. Come Sunday’s big dance, I am strategically,  physically, & mentally ready to face my demons and to “Never Give Up”.