TMT athlete Victoria Player claims Bronze at ITU event in Mexico!

“…Relative newcomer to the national program, Victoria Player of Belmont, Ont., hung on for the bronze medal after punching the clock at 1:19:39. Sandwiched between the two Canucks was American Grace Norman in second spot at 1:16:59.”

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Tour Of Sufferlandria 2015

TMT_SufferfestCOAToS2015After 9 grueling stages in the Tour of Sufferlandria, Team TMT comes out alive with no dropped riders! The 4 courageous teammates finished strong despite the stiff competition, angry minions, Grunter Von Agony & of course the epic climbs of Mt Apocalypse and Mt Sufferlandria in the final stage. Well done team! Your names shall forever be inscribed on the Team Wall of Honour!

Justin BeckDave AllanJean Francois Lyras – Coach Pickering

January 24 – February 1st, 2015