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As a shift worker, it is almost impossible to follow any pre-set training plans because they never take into account fatigue from night shifts or that not everyone can do a long ride/run on the weekends!! I got in contact with Chris and Transition Myself Training 2 years ago and was immediately pleased with the coaching program. Chris starts by creating rapport with his athletes before establishing a personal training plan, and does not have a strict contact policy like many of the other companies out there. Since I have been working with Chris, I have made vast improvements not only in performance, but in confidence and knowledge with regards to proper training, recovery, and nutrition. Chris has been instrumental in this process, and I am going to continue working with him this coming season as I prepare for the 2015 Age Group World Championships.

Justin Beck

I used to be very good at convincing myself that I couldn’t push faster, longer, or stronger. Christian Pickering, you have taught me that my limits are only in my mind and have helped get me to the biggest finish line of my life. Never give up!

Katie Mah

Shortly after I signed up for my first Ironman and started looking online for a ‘free’ Ironman training plan, I quickly realized how in over my head I had got myself. I had trained for marathons by myself and thought that Ironman training would just be a slightly higher volume kind of plan, but after looking at trying to balance running, swimming, biking, cross training, stretching, strength, nutrition and recovery I realized how easy it would be to misstep and risk wasting a year of training for a race I probably wouldn’t have been ready for.

Coach Pickering provided weekly training schedules that balanced all of the disciplines but took in to account the feedback that I gave him in my post-workout updates. I felt some discomfort on one of my runs? He switched things around and shortened all my runs but added in some cross training and a little more biking. I was travelling for work? He updated my workouts with things that could be done in hotel gyms.

I have no doubt that I would not be where I am today if it were not for Coach Pickering and TMT. From his ‘I noticed you haven’t been getting your swim workouts in… is anything wrong’ emails to his ‘PLEASE record your nutrition on your workouts’ phone calls; Coach Pickering is in touch and in tune with all of your athletic progress and does what you need him to do in order to see the results you want.

My personal thanks to Coach Pickering for everything he has done for me and hopefully will continue to do!

Dave Allan

I would recommend Coach Pickering for any style or length of race you have chosen as a goal.  Chris is in your corner every moment throughout the journey.  He allows for you to own your program and for you to progress because of the desire you have.  With his kind words and constant inspiration, I was able to follow out a journey to Ironman IMMT in 2012.  If I didn’t have Chris in my corner, I may never have crossed the line.  He was there when I needed to talk after a bad training day.  He was there to tell me to listen to my body.  He was there when I had an exceptional training day.  With Chris, I was able to take 30 minutes off my PB half marathon.  I was able to consistently perform on the bike and attain PB’s on different courses.  He believes in his athletes and it is heartwarming.  He cares.  He designs the programs with your best and worse in mind.  He allows you to work hard on your weaknesses and he improves you on your strengths.  I know the athlete is the one who does the work, but really Chris did it for me.  I ran, but he set me up to run.  I was weak in running and became stronger every training run.  Without his wisdom from being a world class athlete, I don’t know where I would have ended up in my year of struggles.  He is motivational, inspirational and heck he is even a nice guy.  I owe Chris many thanks for my Ironman finish that year and even this year when he wasn’t my coach, I thought about the times we spoke and the conversations we had while spending the longest day of my life on the hardest course of my life.

Thank you Chris for everything you did for me.  I do hope to work together in the future again, if you are up for taking on the challenge of xterra racing!!!!!!!


Although the race billed itself as ‘changing the lives of children one kilometer at a time’, I have to be honest, the life that has been most changed by cycling  has been my own.  It wasn’t so very long ago that I was so short of breath, I had to sleep with my puffer in my hand.  I avoided walking up steps because I was afraid I’d have yet another asthma attack that would land me in the hospital. I was overweight and out of sorts.  I had high blood pressure and a fatty liver.  I had no energy.  Everything hurt, all the time.  I felt, and was, old before my time.  Not any more!
Since starting cycling just over a year ago, I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds, my blood pressure has returned to normal and the fatty liver has resolved.  I’ve made new friends and opened myself to new and exciting possibilities (like learning to run!).  I’ve done things, gone places and challenged myself in ways I never dreamed possible.
The last year has truly been a year of firsts and I am so grateful for the love and support you all have shown me on my journey to a healthy lifestyle.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my dear friend R, and my son, for rescuing me all the times I needed rescuing (and trust me, there have been a few!).  Also, many thanks to my coach, Chris Pickering, who continues to teach, encourage and inspire me. Last but not least, heartfelt thanks to all of you.  I kept your words of encouragement close to me through the long, windy and sometimes lonely miles.

With love and gratitude,


Huge thanks to Chris Pickering who has been my swim coach for the past year. I started swimming on my own in January 2013 and after 4 months, was not making any progress so I started having one-on-one sessions with Chris. I really wanted to do my first triathlon last summer but he told me I just wasn’t ready. That was very disappointing but I accepted his advice and put in more work. Last week, I thought I was all set for my first tri and then I had a complete sobbing, hyperventilating panic attack during an open water swim at Sharon Creek. Thankfully, Chris was by my side and got me through it. Today’s Give-It-A-Tri race in Welland was the culmination of 18 months of hard physical and emotional work for a complete non-swimmer. Gratitude to you, Chris, and best wishes for your half-iron tri tomorrow at Welland!


I had a great time this year racing and training with you – I think you did a super job of dealing with my crazy work schedule, travel schedule and general lack of availability, so I really have no criticisms! I like the way the training was structured, the regular video messages and email/phone/video chats so don’t change a thing 🙂 I think it was around this time last year that I got into a pool for the first time and could barely swim 50 yards, and had certainly never ridden a bike for more than 20 km at a leisurely pace, so am really happy with all that I accomplished in my first season of triathlon.

I had a really good time, would definitely like to work with you again for future races, and would be happy to act as a reference if you ever need one.

Kim S

I have been racing triathlons for seven years. The first five seasons I trained on my own, and the past two seasons I have trained with Coach Pickering. As my interest and participation in the sport grew, I gradually connected with different like minded athletes and my understanding and my training regime slowly developed. During these first five years I was relatively successful (in my age group); however, I was not consistent. Two seasons ago I decided to attempt a full Ironman. I discussed this with my wife and came to the conclusion that as I would be investing a lot of time into this Ironman endeavour, the smart decision would to be employ a coach with experience at the Ironman distance to help me train for and complete the race.

Personally knowing Coach Pickering, his experience, and accomplishments, I made the decision to ask him to be my coach, and since, my understanding and training for the sport have reached a new level. I have accomplished and exceeded all of my goals and I am excited for what my next season will entail.