TestingFitness Testing

Work directly with Chris and test your fitness! Results include customized heart rate, power and / or pace zones depending on sport being tested. Lactate threshold heart rate as well as Functional Threshold Power (FTP) are key indicators in understanding your personal fitness zones and establishing a proper pacing strategy for racing and training.

Tests are approx 60 minutes in duration. All tests include follow up video footage and results.

Types of Testing

  • Swim Test – Technique focus + test
  • Run Test – LHTR and Pace test
  • Bike Test – FTP test

Technique Sessions

You may also work with Coach Pickering on form & technique where a strenuous fitness test is not required.  Swim technique sessions are amongst our most popular selection.


*TMT Member Non-Member
1 session $60 $75

*TMT members are coached athletes.