Jan 122015
FYI – Garmin 910xt on Sale (end Jan 15)
I wanted to share this with anybody who may find it useful. If you are a triathlete looking for a bargain, then check out the Garmin sale at bestbuy. The 910xt is currently going for $249CAD. That is great value! Best of all, with tracking indoor swim metrics, you never have to manually enter a workout again into your logs 🙂
link: http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/garmin-garmin-forerunner-910xt-gps-watch-black-010-00741-20/10342223.aspx

Fun & Cool Stuff
Here is a quick heads up on some fun stuff that has been making indoor training exciting.

  • Zwift – If you ride indoors, then check it out for sure! Virtual racing at its finest. Currently in beta but I am fortunately one of the testers 🙂
  • Sufferfest – making great fun and use of indoor cycling for some killer workouts. A TMT favorite!.
  • Trainer Road – ride and build custom workouts at home. A great tool for coaches too.

All of these software apps are Wahoo kickr compatible, meaning that the resistance is controlled by the motor unit while riding, so you can do some very fun and real simulation like rides.

TMT Services
Be sure to check out our services as new features are being offered this season such astechnique and/or testing sessions for swimming as well as run/bike sessions @ TMT studio.

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions.